What is Global Short Docs Forum

Global Short Docs Forum (GSDF) is a new initiative connecting filmmakers of documentary shorts with digital platforms.

GSDF hosts 16 filmmakers selected from a global call, to attend a 4-day residential workshop. Filmmakers benefit from invaluable pitching training, mentoring, masterclasses from industry experts and one-to-one meetings with decision makers.

The first edition of the Forum took place at the Frontline Club in London. Platforms that took part in the first edition were AJ+, BBC Arabic, BBC Stories, The Guardian, Lush, Zinc, and Zoomin.TV. See the participants for GSDF 2018.


GSDF 2019 will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine as part of Docudays UA Film Festival.


Expert help to fine-tune editorial ideas and pitch short doc proposals.

Learn to navigate the new market-place by hearing directly from gatekeepers at the digital platforms.

Meet and connect with other filmmakers to collaborate.


Access to new narratives and fresh ideas.

Communicate editorial agendas to a wide range of filmmakers from under-represented regions.

Benefit from One World Media’s reach in the documentary world, and the shortlisting of potential talent.

Who We Are

Global Short Docs Forum is organised by One World Media, a non-profit committed to excellence in media coverage of the wider world. We believe the best media highlights our common humanity, breaks down prejudices and enables new voices to be heard.

We have a long track record of supporting new filmmakers and journalists through our Production Fund and regular events and workshops, as well as through the One World Media Awards.

Key Dates

8 October 2018: Open for Applications
23 November 2018: Deadline for Applications
29 November 2018: Extended Deadline
30 January 2019: Announcing Selected Projects
26-29 March 2019: Global Short Docs Forum in Kyiv, Ukraine


Filmmaker Spotlight – Saila Huusko

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Q+A With The Gatekeepers

  If you had 20 minutes to pitch your short documentary to the BBC, what would you say? For any ambitious filmmaker, the opportunity to have 20 minutes of undivided attention from a commissioner is a dream come true. However, it’s not always easy knowing how to approach the pitch: what to include, what to avoid and what…

How Should Documentary Filmmakers Work with Media Platforms?

  A Guest Blog by Docudays UA   What kind of short films is interesting for global media giants, such as The Guardian, AJ+, BBC Stories? How do these platforms usually work with documentary filmmakers? This year, Docudays UA hosts Global Short Docs Forum which works with short films in particular.   The experience of the Global Short…

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